by WearWick . on April 28, 2021

Having the right workout clothes for your daily exercise regime is as crucial as having the right exercise equipment.

After an intense workout, you will feel sore, sweaty and exhausted. In such a situation, the clothes you wear for your workout can have a massive impact on how you feel after every session.

What you wear during an exercise can directly affect your stamina or motivation so consider the following tips to choose the right workout clothes:


Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric of your workout clothes plays a significant role in regulating temperature. Always choose T shirts, tank tops or sweatshirts made of non-absorbent and sweat wicking material such as polyester and spandex which evaporates the sweat from skin without soaking your clothes.

Designed to wick away sweat and accelerate evaporation, the sports bra prevents injuries while providing support.

From yoga to cardio, the sports bra can be worn in every kind of workout as it doesn't cause chafing and keeps you comfortable throughout the workout session.

Try avoiding cotton fabrics as they absorb sweat abundantly and make you feeling soaked and wet. Also refrain from wearing rubber based clothes that keep sweat from evaporating from your body, making you feel hot and heavy during a workout.

Consider getting a pair of workout leggings that flexibly moves with your body without constricting it.


Keep Season in Mind

Apart from fabric, you should consider the seasons and changing temperature before purchasing the activewear.

If you are working out in summers then consider getting breathable and cool fabric outfits that wick sweat away, making you feel cool and comfortable.

If you are exercising in winters then keep in mind the chilly temperature. Dress in layers of clothing but keep in consideration the increase in heart rate and body temperature that will result as you workout.

When it's very cold outside, you'll need to dress warmly, but keep in mind that you'll be exercising and boosting your heart rate and your body temperature.

Therefore try to wear breathable fabric as an inner and wear an insulating layer on top of that.


Choose Appropriate Colors for Workout

Fabric aside, colors also play an essential role in how you feel during the fitness activity. If you tend to sweat more then avoid wearing dark colors or black. Keep dark colors for winters.

Try wearing light colors in summers to reflect most of the heat.

Wearing red is said to increase heart rate so that should be worn during high intensity cardio training. Whereas neutral tones should be opted for yoga sessions as they bring calmness.

In today's era of Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to wear masks for workout. There are many printed masks available that can be used according to event. The workout masks are made of different layers that cling comfortably to your face without suffocating you.


Choose Clothes According to Your Physique

You don't want clothes getting in your way during a workout session. Therefore wear the clothes according the exercise type. If you are biking or riding a stationary bike then wear tight leggings or sports shorts as they do not get entangled in bike pedals.

If you are doing yoga or Pilates then consider wearing loose stretchy items made of breathable fabric.

Generally, wear clothes fit to your body type that don't get in the way of your workout.

Opting for low quality workout gear will wear and tear during a hardcore workout session therefore invest in buying good quality outfits that are best and save your money in the long run.

“Every workout is progress. Be the best version of you”


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