by WearWick on June 07, 2021

When it comes to getting ready for a fun day in the water, why shouldn't you take the time to do everything right?

Beach days are the best. Almost everyone's idea of the perfect way to relax includes the sun, the blue water, and the waves.

The question is, what shall we wear? Whenever you're going to the beach or pool, it's tempting just to grab things from your drawer to wear- an option that includes activewear dresses.


You can wear activewear for swimming

You certainly can wear quality activewear while swimming and for other activities in the water. There are no downsides to consider as long as you like wearing them.

Anyways, if you have got a regular activewear dress. Then, you should know that there is activewear made specifically for water when the alternatives are for fun in the sun.

It's important to know what makes a regular wearable cloth different from one that is specially designed for swimming.

Then, here’s the answer to this question.


The fabrics used for high-quality swimwear are designed to deal with the elements of the water, incorporating technology that will keep you comfortable and minimize the harmful effects of sun exposure and salt.

A random suggestion, the beach is all about having fun and enjoying a sunny day. So, when choosing clothes, think about not only the material but how it looks and what color they are, as what you wear will describe you.


Activewear for swimming- features

Is it hard to compare activewear to swimwear?

Water-specific gear usually has the following features.

  • The ability to repel water. Swimming wear that is made specifically for sweating and sweating away water gets drier quickly and will allow you to stay comfortable the whole time you're in the water out of the water. This is different from the moisture-wicking material that you see in dri fit workout clothes.

  • Sun protection. In order to protect your skin from the sun during a long day at the beach, high-quality swimwear manufacturers make sure that their garments contain UV protection- minimize the risk of skill allergies and incorporate a fabric to last longer.

  • An antimicrobial agent. A wet swimsuit can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and other things you probably don't want to have around, it would really make you feel weird at the beach. However, the fabric used in making swimming clothes is different. It neither gets wet quickly nor lets bacteria grow.

  • Details that make a difference. Swimming clothing can differ widely in its abilities depending on how small the details are. Things like side pockets in swim trunks that drain and flat-lock seams in rash guards are examples of small details. Anyways, there are no big obligations regarding such small details.



There are quite a few similarities between biker shorts and swimsuits. They are no different from any other brand, so you might think so. The material and cut of both are probably the same- made from synthetic materials. In the end, however, details matter.


Adapted for swimming

Although both have the same fabric which is synthetic in most cases. Yet, swim shorts usually are more focused on fabric. They’re thicker than workout shorts. And with this, swim shorts have little dots which are invisible to a human eye. It’s for to flow water out.

Otherwise, a suit will balloon out. If water cannot pass readily through it. Regular workout shorts can cause this problem when you wear them in the pool.


Made for Modesty

With a wet and clingy swimsuit, concealment will be necessary to make sure that your skin won't be visible under it- the fabric is dense for this reason too.

They protect private parts of a body by purposely applied more fabric lines and often found in dark colors.

If the water in the shorts is heavy, you might need something high-rise. The shorts you wear for running and biking aren't meant for that. Hopefully, that's not your style unless you're an exhibitionist.

The colorfastness of materials

Anyone who swims in chlorinated pools knows how health-damaging this can be.

If you wear tie-dye or logo workout shorts that aren't designed for swimming, harsh chemicals in pools or the sun can fade their fun colors over time.

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